treatment to maintain a good health


  With the patient lying on her back, I start the treatment beginning with foot reflexology techniques.

  This approach allows me to have a global vision of the body and start the cure in depth. I feel through my hands what is happening in the patient’s body and in this way I identify and treat tensions and pains that are held within.

  After this I work on the abdomen, as I have realized that the stability of the body depends on how well we look after our stomach, in fact I keep repeating that “a healthy gut equals a healthy body” – for me, this balance is what allows a body to be in good health.

  Then I focus on the chest, looking for all the nodes that prevent the oxygen from moving freely and therefore feeding the body, so that knots don’t form and prevent the flow of blood.


  Upper body treatment


  With the patient sitting down, I begin to look for blocks located around the neck area, restoring fluidity, then I check the jaw and the front of the head, temples and the skull applying the principles of cranial sacral therapy, with the movements slowly bringing a feeling of deep calm and sense of peace.

  I then move on to the shoulders, arms and shoulder blades that retain all the tensions that we are unable to free ourselves from.

Usually, after the treatment, the patient will experience a deep sense of relaxation all over their body.

  Naturally, the treatment depends on the specific needs of each person, however a fluidity will return to all parts of the body and the pain will be considerably eased.


Conditions treated


   Back pain, cervical, spinal problems, lower back locked, sciatica that persists for years, locked joints, jaw occlusion, shoulders and shoulder blades with atrophy, tennis elbow, hip pain or problems, hernias, abdominal symptoms and stomach ache, headache, lack of energy, depression, persistent knee problems, ankle sprains, treatment of pain and improvement of mental and physical condition of people with leukemia, cancer and drug addiction.