my life

My life



   I was born in Paris, however I spent my childhood in the countryside and in a number of places around the world following my father, who was a classical ballet choreographer. I grew up between Paris, New York, Florence and Rome. I speak fluent French, Italian and English.

In my late teens I started working in my mother’s restaurant, very much in vogue at the time in Paris.

In 2000, following a return from one of my frequent trips to Bali (Indonesia), I had an accident playing football which resulted in my falling into a coma.

I was transported to hospital; when I woke up eight days later I had total amnesia. I did not what my name was. At the same time I was not conditioned by anything any more, which enabled me to be free to live in the present. It was the greatest lesson of my life: everything I had learned was gone, and I was free to discover everything for the first time.


Everything changed the day I saw my parents coming through the hospital door, the mountain of past memories that I had accumulated during my life returned suddenly. From the moment I wanted to become the person I was before the coma once again. I left for Bali because I knew that at that time it was the only place where I felt at peace with myself.

There, seeing that my body was not functioning normally, everyone tried to help me, pointing to a healer who would aid my recovery. Many saw me, but no-one was able to help change my physical condition. One day, a Frenchman I did not know, spoke to me of a place where I should absolutely go. I did not think much about what he said because the place was very touristy, but before leaving I asked him if he had been there and he said no. At that point I realized that I had to go there.

And so I went. A person came up to me, speaking in English and so I explained my situation, even though it was obvious, as I walked so slowly. He made me lie down on the bed and, as soon as he touched me, the pain was so powerful that I fell down. Instead of being afraid or thinking about the pain, I said to myself, “this is what I have to do in my life.” I believed in him, I stayed in that place for several months for my rehabilitation and after a while I recovered completely.

That person taught me the Shiatsu massage and Balinese massage. After that I flew to Chang Mai in Thailand, to learn Thai massage. One day, a friend had a painful wrist and I healed as if it was something I’d always done. It was the first time I helped a person with my own hands.

In Chang Mai, I met a holy man who offered to teach me all he knew, and I learned from him. 


Today my hands work on their own, finding blockages, dissolving them, freeing them.